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The Mokha Institute Coffee Center

The Mokha Institute: Coffee Research and Training Lab

In collaboration with local scientists and researchers The Mokha Institute is establishing Yemen’s first research and training center in San’aa. It will house a lab for research on Yemeni coffee and a training institute with educational opportunities in areas such as:

  • Coffee culture and horticulture

  • Coffee genetics

  • Engineering solutions for coffee creation

  • Coffee economics

The Mokha Institute Coffee Center will provide all coffee entrepreneurs with support and training in sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices, industry best practices and financial planning as well as empower them to uplift their voices and concerns. In addition to education and The Mokha Institute envisions the center to become a community gathering space for stakeholders to establish and cultivate meaningful relationships and collaborate on sustainable solutions. We are committed to ensuring that this is an inclusive and inviting space for all, particularly women and youth whose voices are often underrepresented.

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