Our Mission

Mission, Path and Passion.

Our History

The Mokha Institute was co-founded by, Mokhtar Alkhanshali, an American of Yemeni descent. Mokhtar spent years traveling across Yemen surveying coffee growing areas. Throughout his travels he heard stories of his ancestors rich coffee history, learned about coffees many amazing varietals, many of which are unique to Yemen, slept on mountains with the farmers, and observed their farming practices. There in the highlands of Yemen his vision for The Mokha Institute developed: enable coffee stakeholders in Yemen to attain greater economic stability and prosperity by elevating the quality of the coffee produced in Yemen. He soon realized that as an individual, his capacity to make a sector wide impact was limited.

It was then that Mokhtar turned to his friend and mentor Willem Boot, co-founder of the Coffee for Peace in Colombia initiative, an international brand and platform for specialty coffee from post-conflict communities around Colombia. Coffee for Peace involves more than 10,000 coffee farming families in different regions of Colombia providing a platform for both economic success and hope for a more unified, peaceful future. This model resonated with Mokhtar. When Mokhtar shared his vision with Willem, it spoke to Willem’s life long passion for working towards peace and prosperity through coffee. This shared belief in the power of coffee to transform communities and shared commitment to working with coffee stakeholders in Yemen to bring about this vision, became the basis for them co-founding The Mokha Institute.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of coffee produced in Yemen by empowering coffee producing communities with production best practices, the best of industry training and education, and holistic livelihood support


Improve coffee industry infrastructure from education and training to cutting edge tools and research as well as holistic livelihood support.


Enable farmers and coffee stakeholders to increase their participation in the global specialty coffee industry and providing support tailored to their needs


Engage everyone along the coffee value chain around the belief that coffee can provide economic security and social empowerment.

Collaborating with Coffee Communities to ensure not just that they survive but thrive

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