National Yemen Coffee Auction

The Best of Yemeni Coffee

The Mokha Institute (TMI), in collaboration with the Unity of Coffee department of Yemen’s Ministry of Agriculture and local authorities, have organized the inaugural National Yemen Coffee Auction. 161 submissions have undergone rigorous testing and examination to be narrowed down the best 28 lots. 

Comprehensive data was collected about the geographic origin of the coffees, the coffee producers and their communities, the varieties and other relevant quality data. The auction will be held through electronically on August 31st, 2022.


National Yemen Coffee Auction

“This is about unifying a divided country, giving hope to the youth, and showing the world Yemen can produce beautiful coffee.”

— Mokhtar Alkhanshali,
President and Founder of The Mokha Institute

Thank you Zakat Foundation 


Thank you Al Qalam NGO 

for you unwavering support for Yemen and it’s people. 

Building the first coffee lab in Yemen, training Coffee professionals, to establish the NYCA

The auction initiative is being developed on the basis of The Mokha Institute’s larger strategy for the advancement of Yemen’s specialty coffee industry. Essential to this effort is establishing Yemen’s first coffee lab which is projected. We were proud to officially open the NYCA Coffee Lab in March of 2022.

“Establishing Yemen’s first internationally certified coffee lab will lay the foundation for our long term mission to educate and train a new generation of coffee professionals in Yemen.”

Willem Boot, co-founder of The Mokha Institute

The People's Auction

The National Yemen Coffee Auction is a collaboration between the Union of Yemeni Coffee Farmer cooperatives, Yemen’s Unity of Coffee Organization, Yemeni Coffee Exporters Association and The Mokha Institute. Collectively these organizations represent thousands of farmers and exporters from across the country.  The National Yemen Coffee Auction represents the aspirations and has the unanimous support of Yemen’s coffee community.

“We believe the National Yemen Coffee Auction will be an incredible bridge for Yemeni coffee to the world,”  — Mohamed Al-Qassemi, head of Yemen’s Unity of Coffee Organization.

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