Industry Survey

In order to strategize effective solutions, The Mokha Institute conducted an initial assessment of the needs of coffee stakeholders across Yemen; leading to the National Yemen Coffee auction.

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Gender Equity Initiative

The Mokha Institute is building partnerships with local Yemeni leaders interested in promoting gender equity as well as providing incentives for women to participate in our training

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Youth Engagement Campaign

Working with the University of Sana’a and the local coffee entrepreneurs The Mokha Institute is holding a series of workshops for young people interested in careers in coffee.

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The Mokha Institute Coffee Center

In collaboration with local scientists and researchers The Mokha Institute is establishing Yemen’s first research and training center in San’aa. It will house a lab for research on Yemeni coffee...

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Education & Training

We aim to improve the livelihood of coffee stakeholders by educating coffee farmers, exporters, and retailers on an ongoing basis to optimize their coffee yield, improve their coffee quality and amplify their voices internationally..

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First Yemen Coffee Quality Lab

The Mokha Institute, in collaboration with the Unity of Coffee department of Yemen’s Ministry of Agriculture, is organizing an inaugural National Yemen Coffee Auction to establish a collective voice around Yemen’s world renowned coffee.

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Seasonal Dispatch

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