Yemeni Coffee Festival


March 3rd was the National Day for Planting Coffee in Yemen. Every year people across Yemen replant coffee for the upcoming harvest on this day. This year The Mokha Institute and its partners in Yemen expanded on this tradition. We held exhibition and marketplace for local coffee vendors to share their coffee products with the community, an art gallery featuring works of local artisans, a series of coffee tastings, as well as workshops in agricultural best practices, coffee economics, and the importance of moving towards the specialty coffee market.

Yemen Coffee Festival Events and Programs

Yemen’s National Day of Planting Coffee

Mokha Institute Field programs:

  • Distributing and planting 30,000 coffee seedlings
  • Training in innovative and agricultural best practices for coffee producers to improve coffee quality


  • Yemeni Coffee Marketplace
  • Traditional Arts and Artisans Gallery


  • Coffee Tasting Trainings and Public sessions
  • Seminars for coffee entrepreneurs on topics from business, labor and agricultural practices

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