National Yemen Coffee Auction

Rewarding the best of Yemeni Coffee

The Mokha Institute (TMI), in collaboration with the Unity of Coffee department of Yemen’s Ministry of Agriculture and local authorities, is organizing an inaugural National Yemen Coffee Auction. Coffee lots will go through qualification rounds to lead to a representative samples of specialty lots which will be inspected and cupped in a coffee laboratory in Yemen’s capital Sana’a and then further testings and tasting will be done in an international lab. Comprehensive data will be collected about the geographic origin of the coffees, the history of the coffee producers and their communities, the varieties and applied processing protocols and other relevant quality data.

The auction event will be held through an electronic internet based platform which will list the coffee lots for sale and where buyers from around the world can submit their bids.

National Yemen Coffee Auction

“This is about unifying a divided country, giving hope to the youth, and showing the world Yemen can produce beautiful coffee.”

— Mokhtar Alkhanshali,
President and Founder of The Mokha Institute

Building the first coffee lab in Yemen, training Coffee professionals, to establish the NYCA

The auction initiative is being developed on the basis of The Mokha Institute’s larger strategy for the advancement of Yemen’s specialty coffee industry. Part of this strategy is preparing for the establishment of Yemen’s first internationally certified coffee lab which is projected to officially open by March 2022 to support the NYCA. Willem Boot, co-founder of TMI, underlined the importance of the institute’s coffee mission in Yemen. “Establishing Yemen’s first internationally certified coffee lab will lay the foundation for our long term mission to educate and train a new generation of coffee professionals in Yemen.”

The Mokha Institute is organizing the first public National Auction in Yemen

In Sana’a, Yemen, at the end of a multi-day coffee festival to celebrate the 2021 International Coffee Day and Yemen’s unique historical coffee legacy, Yemen’s Unity of Coffee Organization, the highest authority concerned with Yemeni coffee, announced TMI will serve as an official organizing partner in the National Yemen Coffee Auction (NYCA) in June of 2022. The NYCA is a collaboration between the Union of Yemeni Coffee Farmer cooperatives, Yemen’s Unity of Coffee Organization and TMI.

NYCA will be the first public nationwide auction open to all coffees from across Yemen, celebrating the best that Yemeni coffee has to offer and connecting coffee producers and exporters to the international coffee market. “We believe the National Yemen Coffee Auction will be an incredible bridge for Yemeni coffee to the world,” said Mohamed Al-Qassemi, head of Yemen’s Unity of Coffee Organization.

A survey of coffee communities across Yemen echoed the same desire: to see a national public auction organized to unify and amplify the voice of Yemen’s coffee community.

Adel Mohamed, In-Country Director of TMI, described his aspirations for the NYCA as, “Looking at the successes of auctions like the Cup of Excellence, Best of Panama and Ethiopia’s national COE auction, we believe Yemen can follow in their footsteps”.

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