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Yemen launches inaugural National Yemen Coffee Auction

The Mokha Institute has begun the process of inviting coffee roasters and importers from across the world to register online for the inaugural public National Yemen Coffee Auction (NYCA).

It is the first public nationwide auction open to all coffees across Yemen, celebrating the best that Yemen has to offer and connecting coffee producers and exporters to the international market.

“What makes these Yemen micro-lots so rare is the unparalleled flavour profiles. These coffees are extraordinary from the moment a seedling is planted to the moment those marvellous flavour profiles flood every millimetre of your palate,” says Mokhtar Alkhanshali, Co-Founder of The Mokha Institute and CEO of Port of Mokha

Travel the Tenderloin’s Coffee Shops with a Yemeni Coffee Savant

AfterAfter walking up the hill out of the Tenderloin, where he was raised, then-teenaged Mokhtar Alkhanshali would gaze into the enormous glass windows of the Lamborghini dealership (though these days the space is home to Tesla) and see the life he wanted. He succeeded: Alkhanshali launched the Port of Mokha, coffee company and is the first person to sell specialty Yemeni coffee in Blue Bottle cafes — for the low price of $16 a cup.

Alkhanshali is Yemeni American.. working on various projects, giving input on friends’ coffee businesses, and promoting Yemen’s first-ever national coffee auction with his nonprofit The Mokha Institute

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