Equity, Inclusion, and Sustainability

About Yemen Gender Equity and Livable Wage

Women are an essential workforce in Yemen’s coffee sector yet they are often not represented in discussions of economic security and fair and livable wages. While Yemen’s youth that make up 40% of the population are struggling to find careers with long term economic security and opportunities for growth. Along with all these challenges, climate change and lack of resource conservation are raising the economic toll on the coffee sector.

It is to address the needs of these core segments of the Yemeni coffee sector and the urgent fundamental concerns of climate change that The Mokha Institute is prioritizing projects aimed at increasing the participation and representation of women and youth in the Yemeni coffee sector as well as prioritizing sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

With the support of world renowned experts employing the latest agricultural techniques and technologies, we address infrastructure needs, implement coffee production best-practices, and improve access for Yemeni coffee producers to the global market for specialty coffee with fair livable, equitable and humane labor practices.

Partnerships in Yemen

Yemen’s Unity of Coffee Organization

the highest authority concerned with Yemeni coffee in Yemen

— and —

The Union of Yemeni Coffee Farmer Cooperatives

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