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Through Coffee

We envision a future where coffee communities find economic security as we are able to improve coffee quality, solve production limitations, address supply chain concerns, improve education and training opportunities, and provide improved access to the global specialty coffee market.

Our Projects

Help Yemen Thrive


Coffee Industry

Training and Education

We aim to improve the livelihood of coffee stakeholders by educating coffee farmers, exporters, and retailers on an ongoing basis to optimize their coffee yield, improve their coffee quality and amplify their voices internationally..


The Mokha Institute:

coffee research and training lab

In collaboration with local scientists and researchers The Mokha Institute is establishing Yemen’s first research and training center in San’aa. It will house a lab for research on Yemeni coffee…


Gender Equity


The Mokha Institute is building partnerships with local Yemeni leaders interested in promoting gender equity as well as providing incentives for women to participate in our training


Youth Engagement


Working with the University of Sana’a and the local coffee entrepreneurs The Mokha Institute is holding a series of workshops for young people interested in careers in coffee.


Latest Campaigns

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Help train coffee communities to harness the true value of Yemeni Coffee

Ideally there should be hundreds of qualified cuppers in Yemen to meet the needs of the market, with your help we can take our training efforts to the next level.

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The Mokha Institute Coffee Center

The Mokha Institute Coffee Center aims to be a full service coffee research and training center. We are committed to ensuring The Mokha Institute Coffee Center is a communal space where everyone regardless of gender, financial resources or age is welcome and empowered.

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2022 National Yemen Coffee Auction Documentary

The Mokha Institute wants to spot light the success of the National Yemen Coffee Auction by showcasing the farmers and entrepreneurs whose vision and resilience brought the National Yemen Coffee Auction to the world stage.


Mission, Path and Passion.

The Mokha Institute was founded by, Mokhtar Alkhanshali, an American of Yemeni descent. Mokhtar spent years traveling across Yemen surveying coffee growing areas. Throughout his travels he heard stories of his ancestors rich coffee history, learned all about coffee, its many amazing varietals, measured rainfall, slept on mountains, and observed farming practices. There in the highlands of Yemen The Mokha Institute’s mission developed: enable coffee stakeholders in Yemen to attain greater economic stability and prosperity by elevating the quality of the coffee beans produced in Yemen, improving their access to the global market and collaborating with them to find tailored sustainable solutions to their needs.

Latest News

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  • Jul 15, 2022

National Yemen Coffee Auction

“This is the first time in Yemen’s 600 year coffee history that its farmers will have direct access to the global coffee market.” -- Mokhtar Alkhanshali...

Apr 30, 2022

Academic Symposium on Yemeni Coffee

Mar 12, 2022

Yemeni Coffee Festival

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